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DECEMBER 15 goSUNDAY Brookside Commerce


We will be taking two teams of volunteers to Brookside Commerce at 11:30 AM to minister to the residents there. 


The goSUNDAY team will attend the first part of the gathering at NewGrace at 11 AM on Sunday the 15th. Pastor Derek will dismiss the goSUNDAY team halfway during the gathering and then we will drive over to Brookside. If you plan to bring your children, please take them to the gathering with you instead of checking them into ngKIDS.

here are ways you can participate

Please click the link to let us know how you want to help!

gift bag BROOKSIDE.jpg

Minister to Retirement Residents

Sing Christmas carols, pass out gift bags, and spend time with residents on the retirement half of the facility. We plan for this team to be 35 people. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend with parents. Each participant is asked to bring a gift bag with them. 

Minister to Memory Care Residents

Sing Christmas carols for and pass out gift bags to residents in the memory care portion of Brookside. Children are not allowed to attend. We recommend that people registering for this team have experience being around patients with Alzheimers and/or dementia. We plan for this team to be about 15 people. Each participant is asked to bring a gift bag with them. 

go sunday RETIREMENT.jpg
go sunday MEMORY.jpg

Provide a Gift Bag


There are currently 60 or so residents at Brookside Commerce. If you don't plan to attend but would like to provide a gift bag, completed packages can be dropped off in the main lobby by December 8th. Bags should include the following items:

  1. Peppermint Sticks

  2. Lotion

  3. Scarf

  4. Socks

  5. Throw Blanket

  6. A teddy bear or baby doll (if it is for a memory care resident)

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