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newgrace is expanding its campus by purchasing 50,000 square feet in the Commerce Crossing Shopping Center. 


This purchase will solidify our location, as we will become owners of our property and not just renters. With this expansion, we are positioned to impact our community and accommodate church growth like never before.


Many of the dreams, goals and hopes newgrace has for meeting community needs will become attainable with the added room. By increasing our capacity, we will continue to see more souls, lives and families touched by our church.


We believe in what God is doing at newgrace and we wish to see it continue; we believe this step opens the door for our future to become a reality.


In order to secure financing to purchase, build-out/renovate and equip the campus expansion, we are raising a down payment of $500K over 90 days.


We believe in order for us to accomplish more, we must sacrifice. If we want to reach this goal, it requires all of us to make a sacrifice. 


We know it will be worth it. This sacrifice is for the future. For the next generation. For our community. For the homeless. For the hungry. For families. For people to experience new life in Christ.