This is when we come together on a Saturday to impact our community. We work as a team to deliver food or clothing, and find ways to serve our community by showing the love of God.

newgrace is collecting the non-perishable food items listed below

from June 9 - August 11.


Items will be packaged together into a kit that will be

delivered to individuals and families in need in the Commerce area.

A complete kit costs about $35 at Wal-Mart.


Here’s how you can get involved:

1.              Purchase all the items below and donate a complete kit.

                 Place completed kits in the Forum.

2.              Purchase any single items from the list and donate.

                  Place items in donation bins in the main lobby.

3.              Purchase any items below in bulk and donate.

                  Place items in donation bins in the main lobby.

4.              Tithe to newgrace. Part of your giving goes to purchase items

                  needed for this outreach.

The sizes and quantity have been chosen in order to fit in the delivery boxes. Items in other sizes will not be able to fit.


1 box of instant oatmeal packets (flavor variety)

1 box of butter flavor instant grits

32 oz. spaghetti noodles

24 oz. spaghetti sauce - 2 cans*

32 oz. white rice - 2 packages

2 lb. pinto beans - 2 packages

macaroni shells and cheese ­- 2 boxes (the kind you don’t need butter and milk to make)

40 oz. peanut butter

30 oz. jelly*

10 oz. chicken breast - 2 cans

4 oz. tuna fish - 4 cans

14 oz. green beans - 2 cans

15 oz. mixed vegetables - 2 cans

10.5 oz. cream of chicken soup - 2 cans

*please choose items in cans or plastic containers and not glass for safety purposes


Each kit contains ingredients for 12 meals.

Bread loaves will be purchased and added to the kits the day before the scheduled delivery.


373 Pottery Factory Dr

Commerce, GA 30529


Next to Outback Steakhouse in the

Commerce Crossing Shopping Center


Join us on Sunday at 9 AM or 11 AM

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