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Hey everyone!


I want to reach out to my church family and give all of you an update on my recovery, as well as share some encouraging things with you.


I have made lots of progress since returning home from the hospital. My energy levels are increasing, my strength is coming back and most importantly, my lungs are clearing out a little more each day. I am still dependent on oxygen but I am diligent about my breathing exercises and the necessary things to rehabilitate my lungs. I went to the doctor this week and I am definitely on track to make a full recovery! Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support during this time.


I realize this is a trying time for our church, but like anything else we have ever faced, we will walk through this together and God will use this setback as a setup for newgrace!


Let me encourage each of you with this:

  • We will continue to use wisdom and discretion as we gather together for worship, but let me be clear: We will always seek to gather on Sundays for worship. According to Hebrews 10:25, God has called His church to gather and assemble in His presence for worship, especially as we see the final days of His coming approaching. COVID-19 has proved most challenging to the church as a whole in 2020, but if anything, it puts things in perspective as to what the church will always be up against. We are the church and we worship God in the shadows of peril, famine, persecution, disaster, threat, war, pandemics, disease, sickness and crisis. The biblical mandate and call to gather, act and live as the church will be paramount until He takes us home. It will always be that important.

  • newgrace is so close to breakthrough! Spiritual warfare is always an indicator of when God is up to something special...so pay attention to what's happening. Our church has been riding a wave of spiritual momentum and was surging again with explosive growth. We've seen so many new families over the last few months, witnessed great moves of God during the fall and experienced some miraculous things together recently. There is so much waiting for us around the corner! Get ready for it and don't miss out!

  • I have some life changing sermon series coming up for us. We are going to be talking about some really good stuff: How to flourish in the face of adversity...End-time prophecy regarding the rapture and what happens once Jesus comes back...and an I Love My Church series! I have a word for you newgrace!

  • Last but not least, let's talk about the Chest of Joash Offering we did for our capital campaign. In case you missed this past Sunday, I did a video that shared what we accomplished together in this one offering. Get this: In the Chest of Joash Offering, we gave a total of $150,000 together! I am still in awe of what we did...that was just one day, one offering, one act of commitment and numerous participants. I am so proud of our church! I truly believe God is going to bless and honor our sacrificial generosity and will use this huge step to make a way for us to walk through this door together. God is going to make a way for us to purchase, build-out and furnish the old Bilo in downtown Commerce. When this happens, we will be witnessing God doing what He said He would do. Thank you so much for believing in newgrace and God's plan for our church and community.


I have missed all of you these last few weeks. I look forward to worshipping with you again and making much of Jesus. Whatever you do from now into 2021, don't allow this time to disconnect you from what God is doing in your church and what He desires to do through you. If you are comfortable attending, continue to gather for worship and keep bringing people. Continue to give and support your church faithfully, whether you are there or not. Continue to pray for the safety and health of those in our church and stay involved by continuing to be a part of newgrace!


With love and sincerity,


Pastor Derek