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discovering purpose

By serving at newgrace, you find fulfillment and discover your purpose. We offer multiple opportunities for you to use your talents and gifts here.


Click the JOIN buttons below to volunteer for a team. 



Making the decision to follow Christ for salvation and then taking the next step to make that faith public are the two biggest steps anyone will take on their spiritual journey. The Baptism team helps facilitate our baptism celebrations during weekend gatherings. Baptism is a big deal and we love to celebrate with people as they take this important step. From filling the tank and preparing the environment, to helping people get in and out of the tank, the people on this team come alongside new believers providing help and support so the baptism process runs smoothly and efficiently.


Care Team

The Care team provides meals for people in the church who are experiencing a life event (death in the family, birth of a child, extended illness, etc.).  We are not meant to do our faith walk alone. God has brought us together as a church family to care for each other and to be the support that we all need.


Volunteers on this team prepare and deliver a meal when they are available.

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Car Crew

The Car Crew helps people navigate the parking lot and get in

and out of the property.

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Welcome Team

The Welcome Team serves as the first contact for everyone who comes to our church. From the road to the lobby and all over the property, we serve every person by smiling, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and setting the tone for the rest of their experience here.



This team engages the next generation through small group environments, large group worship, outreach events, and student-focused activities.



SAY YES to the next generation! ngKIDS partners with families each week to influence the future of our church - our children. This team is made up of people who lead worship, communicate messages and bible stories, welcome new families, lead small groups, dance, play games, prepare materials or administrative support.

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Check-in & Check Out

This team coordinates ngKids Check-in and Check out for parents before and after the gathering. 


Photography & Videography

The Photography team caputures a record of what happens when we gather together. We live in a digital world and being able to share what we do and how people are experiencing new life in Christ at newgrace through social media is important. Training and experience are not required. 

production team UPLOAD.jpg


The Production team partners with the Worship team to set an atmosphere of worship where the Holy Spirit can work, move, and change lives. We help connect people with the moving of the Holy Spirit, communicating the message through lyrics, visuals, lighting, audio mixing, and videography. Training and experience are not required. 



The Worship team leads the church in worship by setting an atmosphere that encourages people to worship and by setting the example in praise and testimony both on and off the stage. This is accomplished through songs that reflect Biblical truth using our musical gifts and abilities as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

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