Thinking about visiting?

We are currently meeting on Sunday nights at the Southside Commerce campus located in the Shoppes at Banks Crossing Shopping Center next to Planet Fitness. If you have kids, be sure to look for our kid's entrance!   

Gatherings: Sunday at 5:00 PM

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by Welcome Team. They will be happy to provide you with directions and answer any questions that you might have. Be sure to stop by the VIP table in the lobby to meet our team and fill out a connection card. 

If you have children you can enter the building using the exterior doors that say kids on them. We use a computer and label system to track children entrusted to our care. Parents and children each receive a label. Parents must present their label at the end of the worship gathering in order to pick their child(ren) up. We strive to provide dynamic age-appropriate environments for all ages. This allows children to learn at their age level while creating a distraction-free environment for adults in the main auditorium. 


Corporate worship starts at 5:00 PM on Sundays. Music, prayer, and preaching are the general elements of our gatherings.


We are a church that embraces the move and work of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings.  Sometimes they may end after an hour, or they may last longer! No matter what happens, we work to ensure that God has the freedom to move and work in a powerful way in the lives of everyone present. 

Please make sure you stop at the VIP table before you leave to drop off your connection card. We look forward to meeting you!