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Our Team

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Derek Anglin

Lead Pastor

Derek's main job is communicating in the Sunday worship gathering, leadership development, and casting vision. He utilizes his gift to preach by speaking at various church conferences, leadership events, and other speaking engagements.


He is married to his best friend Ashley and they have four children: Hannah, Mason, Ava, and Landon. Ashley serves alongside Derek in many different vision initiatives at newgrace and helps coordinate Dinners for Ten. 


Derek and Ashley launched newgrace because they believed God called them to start a church that embodied everything they needed: new grace. Their personal story speaks to many people who feel as though hope is gone, dreams are lost and life is over, but find that God, in all His grace, is never done working in their lives. "We have many failures and shortcomings in our past but we know that we are living proof that God can do anything with anybody that has done anything."


Derek loves to cook and thoroughly enjoys finding new places to eat.

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Jo Lazenby



Jo's main job is creating environments, social media, helping people take their next step, and providing leadership and administrative support.


She is married to Robby and loves what they are able to accomplish by putting their gifts together.

Growing up Jo was blessed with grandparents who modeled and lived their faith. At eight years old she came to understand her sinful condition and need for a Savior. Difficulty and life circumstances caused her to question God and the existence of pain and hardship in the world through her teen years. Called to ministry in high school, she tried to pursue her own career path but had no success. After attending college and seminary she served at Southpointe Baptist Fellowship in Leesburg, Florida for seven and a half years. Moving to Pendergrass, GA after her marriage, she has been part of this church since November 2014.

Jo enjoys coffee, reading, and great sci-fi (LOST, X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek). In her spare time she likes to cross stitch, knit, crochet, and sew. 

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JJ Jackson

Worship Pastor

JJ leads worship at all gatherings and special events. He also manages the growth, health, and development of the Worship Team.


JJ is married to his best friend Kayla and they have a son Grady and daughter Tilly who are part of their testimony of the awesome power of God. 


God's grace was bestowed upon JJ from birth with the musical gifts He gave. Music has been a vital part of his life from day one. It has been the one thing that kept him close to God even when all hope seemed lost. Restoration, miracles, and supernatural events are evidence in his family that God's power and grace is amazing!!


JJ loves working with and raising animals. He is a cowboy at heart.

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Lynn Garrison


Lynn's motivation in all she does is to spread the word of God and share the gift of ultimate healing that only God's unconditional  love can bring, comes from her own story.


She grew up in a dysfunctional home, unchurched, feeling alone, overlooked and unloved. That brokenness led her to her own addiction to drugs and alcohol. But one day someone cared enough to tell her about Jesus!   


Lynn's story of healing from brokenness and heartache has given her the gift of speaking God's truth and healing into others. Her goal is to love people to Jesus and watch as He transforms their lives. Her daily affirmation is "I don't have to, I get to!" 

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Nikki Vickery

Administrative Coordinator

Nikki’s role at newgrace is working with the Lead Pastor to assimilate people into the proper channels of involvement and providing administrative support.  She uses her gift of encouragement, love of food, and desire to build community and develop relationships to enrich the church body.


She is married to her soul mate, Richard and they have two wonderful kids, Drake and Abby.  They serve together in the church as a family.


As a child, Nikki grew up in a home that did not attend church but was blessed by an aunt who made sure that she got to go church and learn about God’s love for her.  As she grew older, she pursued God, going to any church that would send a church van to pick her up.  At thirteen, she heeded her Savior’s call and accepted His salvation.  Her path was not straight, but she never strayed too far away from God.  In 2014, she was invited to a church called newgrace at a movie theater.  There she found true healing and her calling, and she has continued to serve at this church ever since.

Nikki’s favorite food is pizza and Mexican.

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Jessica Parker

Production Coordinator

Jessica oversees production at newgrace. She supervises the volunteers who run sound, lights, and screens during services, records videos for social media, designs lighting cues for service, and records and edits all the podcasts for the church. If it’s tech, she’s probably involved. 


Jessica married her church camp sweetheart Taylor in 2010 and is now mother to their three amazing children: Riley, Cailin, and Nolan. 


Jessica grew up in a firmly Christian family that always attended church, no matter where the army located them. At thirteen, after experiencing the wonder of God’s presence for herself, she made her own choice to dedicate her life to God. She truly found her feet in her faith in her twenties, though, when juggling the struggles of adulthood and parenthood and mental health and attempting to find a career that would work around her family’s needs. Now, she feels like she is fully living up to that decision to pursue God in all things, as she unexpectedly works in ministry and has seen a new side of God’s wonder as an adult.


Jessica loves all things nerdy and crafty. Sometimes she even ventures into the outdoors for archery, kayaking, and wandering the woods with her family.

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